Press Release

skint productions present 'Beautiful Monster', a daring new play by Karlton Parris

Salford Arts Theatre, Manchester-28th February  2nd 3rd and 4th March 2017

 Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke on Trent-1st March 2017


 Press Contact- Mollie Jones

 'Beautiful Monster'

After a five year hiatus, Manchester theatre company Skint productions are re-ignited, refreshed and reformed, now presenting a new play by Skint's creative director Karlton Parris, set upon the very eve of Mary Shelley's death, the iconic author of Frankenstein. In the final hours of this extraordinary woman's life, she is in the grip of madness with visitations from the dead, husband Percy Shelley, their lover, Lord Byron poet John Keats and arch literary rival John William Polidori, author of the first know vampire fiction, recalling her epic confrontations with Percy's mother, the formidable Elizabeth Pilfold Shelley and her warm affection for step sister Claire Clairmont. Most heartbreaking of all, she sees herself as the young girl who penned the world's most read gothic horror novel and, in a truly scary twist, the monster she created. Expect tension galore in this darkly brooding, delightfully twisted, erotic, surprisingly funny, Victorian penny dreadful.

Skint are delighted to welcome back three previous leading ladies: Wendy Laurence James who has appeared in all of Parris' work since 1999 and takes on the epic challenge of Mary Shelley, Wendy adds Mary Shelley is a rich, complex character full of contradictions and is relishing the opportunity to perform here in the UK and across the pond in New York.

Stevie Skinner  plays Bertha Bates, the Shelley's new housekeeper and a woman holding a heart breaking secret. Most of the plays comedic moments are in this experienced actress hands.

Amy Forrest plays young Mary Shelley and thinks her portrayal will offer a few surprises as to just what is known about her early life.

Corin Silva takes on the dual roles of Lord Byron and the monster, Corin  adds "my monster will be unlike anything seen before, full of menace as expected but equally human, fragile, a creature craving love and affection."

Edward Darling is the perfect, dashingly handsome romantics poet Percy Shelley, whilst Ben Iveson is scarily good as the troubled John Polidori. Manchester actor Jack Mcgarry plays the sensitive John Keats and  Staffs actress Nici Preston completes the cast as the scene stealing Elizabeth Pilford Shelley. Mollie Jones and Michael Loftus play the darkly comedic Mr and Mrs Feathers.

Production design is by Steve Southern of GAS is music, Media City, Manchester

Contains nudity and scenes of a sexual nature

Performances 7.30pm

tickets £15 (£12) cons




19th - 24th  September  2017


The Filming of Beautiful Monster

In summer 2017 we shoot a feature film- it feels wonderful to type those few words

From the very beginning of writing 'Beautiful Monster' as a stage play, the embers of a feature film project had been lit. I deliberately crafted a stage play that could open into a film, not just a filmed version of the play, but a whole new visual experience to consider as within the stage version we work from the premise that Mary Shelley's madness is driving the narrative, with the freedom of film that experience can now be heightened. Animation and CGI will feature on occasion as will some underwater filming. We have selected a glorious stately home in the Staffordshire countryside that is delightfully gothic with period features and furnishings, lofty drawing rooms, erotic bed chambers, authentic scullery and enchanting gardens and, most importantly, a lake.