From the Stage to the Screen

From October 2017 'Beautiful Monster' goes into production as an independent UK film, shooting both in England and Wales, Bulgaria and Switzerland, delighted that the entire stage production company will reprise their roles for the film.

The Filming of Beautiful Monster

In summer 2017 we shoot a feature film- it feels wonderful to type those few words

From the very begining of writing 'Beautiful Monster' as a stage play, the embers of a feature film project had been lit. I deliberately crafted a stage play that could open into a film, not just a filmed version of the play, but a whole new visual experience to consider as within the stage version we work from the premise that Mary Shelley's madness is driving the narrative, with the freedom of film that experience can now be heightend. Animation and CGI will feature on occasion as will some underwater filming. We have selectd a glorious stately home in the Stafforshire countryside that is delighfuly gothic with period features and furnishings, lofty drawing rooms, erotic bed chambers, authentic scullery and enchanting gardens and, most importantly, a lake.